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NEO has a R&D team which is continuously working for the improvement of NEO zippers. The basic zipper design and function in the world have hardly changed for a long time. So the R&D of NEO zipper is more based on the functional improvement of zippers through the improvement of manufacturing process and at certain times in designs.

Few of the designs and improvement of manufacturing process for your reference :
i) #3 sliders of zippers for children wear with puller torque's strength of over 4lb. This puts a complete stop of breaking the puller at any time and create any hazard to children.
ii) Special design pullers are manufactured as per buyers' designs
iii) Improvement of different types of slider and chain plating's
iv) The strengths and functions of zippers are being improved every day.
NEO always welcome suggestion and advice for the improvement of NEO zipper from you.

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E-mail : info@neozipper.com

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