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The Management Team of the Company along with all its employees are committed to the quality of our products and service at optimum price by continuous improvements of products and services. The basic objectives of quality of products and services are:

We will implement Total Quality Management (TQM) system to reach designated quality of products and services as set by us in accordance to the requirements of major buyers of the world.

We will maintain a TQM system to meet the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification for NEO brand zippers at all time.

We will maintain a TQM system to meet the Eco-Standard and Physical Quality of zippers as per requirements of major international buyers to be confirmed by third party testing of the zippers in such international laboratories like ITS, CTL, BV, SGS etc.

We will continuously improve the effectiveness of our Management System.

The Management Team will periodically review the performance of the Management system and our quality objectives.

We will continuously research for improvements to add to the quality of products and services.

We will conduct internal audits of quality of products and services. Then the Management Team will review and improve the quality.

This Quality Policy is regularly communicated to our employees.

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