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Q : What type of zippers do you manufacture?
A : We manufacture plastic, polyester, metal(Brass,nickel, aluminum), invisible polyester zipper and pre-formed brass zipper.# 3, # 4, # 4.5, # 5. On special requirement #8, #10, zippers can be supplied.

Q : What is your delivery time?
A : The delivery time depends on the quantity, type, no. of colors, any special slider etc.Generally for regular zipper and reasonable
quantity : 2 weeks.We can always start doing partial delivery for bigger orders.All orders are delivered at your door step by us in Bangladesh.
Q : What is the minimum quantity zipper order that you can cater?
A : The minimum quantity is based on color and size.In general minimum quantity that we can cater on per color basis :

Open-end : 20   inch
Close-end : 6   inch

Polyester Close-end # 3 : 400   pcs
Polyester Close-end # 5 : 250   pcs
Polyester Open-end # 5 : 90   pcs

Plastic Close-end # 3 : 500   pcs
Plastic Close-end # 5 : 400   pcs
Plastic Close-end # 3 : 170   pcs
Plastic Close-end # 5 : 150   pcs

Metal Close-end # 3/# 4.5 : 450   pcs
Metal Close-end # 5 : 350   pcs
Metal Open-end # 5 : 120   pcs

If quantity is less than above we still can cater but an up-charge of USD 50/color to be added to the price.

Q : What are the minimum sizes of zippers that you can manufacture?
A : It varies for different type of zippers.

Polyester Open-end : 5   inch
Polyester Close-end : 3   inch

Plastic Open-end : 13   inch
Plastic Close-end : 8   inch

Metal Open-end : 2.5   inch
Metal Close-end : 8   inch

Q : How long do you take to develop Lab-Dip?
A : 2-3 days but can be made earlier.

Q : What color reference do you use?
A : NEO has its own color card. You can use color reference from there.You may use any other color reference as we can follow any.Our suggestion is to use the fabric swatch as color reference.

Q : Do you have available test reports of your zippers?
A : We have test reports available of two types :
a) Test reports from International Testing Laboratories: ITS, MTL, SGS
b) NEO in-house test reports

Moreover, we can do any test for you if you require.

Q : Do I need to be an export oriented manufacturing unit in Bangladesh to buy your zipper?
A : Yes. We can only sell to export oriented manufacturing units if you are in Bangladesh. In case of exporting to other countries we have no such bar.

Q : What is the mode of payment that you require?
A : All payments are to be made by irrevocable L/C without recourse at sight/60 days/90 days sight. If payment is by 60 days or 90 days sight L/C, then appropriate interest to be paid.You can also pay by advance T/T. All payments must be done in US Dollar. This is only for Bangladesh. For overseas, we only accept L/C at sight and/or advance T/T in US Dollar.

Q : Do we need to provide you with Utility Declaration (U.D.) in case of Bangladesh? (Or I.P. in case of EPZ companies in Bangladesh).
A : Yes, in case to buy zipper from us in Bangladesh you need to provide us U.D.of your apparel raw material consumption. We need this to submit to Bangladesh Customs.If you are an Export Processing Zone manufacturing unit (Example CEPZ, DEPZ), then you have to provide us with Import Permission (I.P.)

For exporting outside Bangladesh no such is needed.

Q : Can you manufacture OEM(Private Label)/Rubber puller?
A : Yes, we can do any type of OEM/Private Label or Rubber puller if you provide us the design.
Design development : 7 days
Slider manufacturing : 21 days
Shipping time by sea : 21 days (If by air then around 2 days).

This is done in our overseas affiliate company and  we need shipping time for that.

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7/A, Squibb Road, Kathaldia, Borodewra Tongi (Near Dhaka) Gazipur- 1711 (Dhaka)
Tel : (880) 2-9814952, 9814953, 9814954
Fax : (8880) 2-9814951
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