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“NEO” zipper has become  an international brand zipper and very popular among the buyers all over the world. This may give rise to the counterfeiting of the brand by unscrupulous individuals, groups or companies. 

“NEO” for years has developed the brand image with its quality zippers and international standard service. The buyers are enjoying the zipper brand for their apparel orders all around the world.

“NEO” and “NEO Zipper” are registered trademarks of NEO Zipper Company limited and only NEO Zipper Company Limited holds the right to manufacture and sell NEO zippers around the world. No other company in the world has any right to manufacture and or sell NEO zipper anywhere.

Counterfeiting gives rise to serious problems :
i) No individual, group or company has any right to produce NEO zipper anywhere in the world. It is a serious legal and moral crime to sell counterfeit zippers.
ii) Counterfeit zippers are definitely are of lower quality and causes serious problems to apparel makers and users.
iii) Counterfeit zippers risks the trademark infringement suits, seizure by customs and any other legal action.
iv) Counterfeit NEO zipper users risk the lowering of their own apparel brand value.
Few points to recognise genuine “NEO” brand zippers:
i) All NEO zipper sliders will have NEO logo on the puller except on OEM and few special pullers where NEO logo writing on the pullers  is difficult due to smaller spaces.
ii) ALL NEO zipper sliders will have NEO logo at the back of the slider body.
iii) All auto-locks (in sliders) will have middle locking system.
iv) All NEO zippers are using Nylon taffeta reinforcement. No Plastic film is used at any time.
NEO Zipper has taken all measures possible to stop any sort of counterfeiting the zippers by taking appropriate legal action both locally and internationally.

An Anti-Counterfeit, NEO Team is working all the time.

NEO zippers are handled only by the contacts given in the contact list of this website and Proforma-Invoice is only issued by NEO Zipper Company Limited. No other contact is authorized to handle NEO zipper and no individual, group or company other than NEO Zipper Company Limited is authorised to issue Proforma- Invoice anywhere in the world.

For all counterfeiting matters please contact :
Rashed Chowdhury

Global Corporate Head Quarter
7/A, Squibb Road, Kathaldia, Borodewra Tongi (Near Dhaka) Gazipur- 1711 (Dhaka)
Tel : (880) 2-9814952, 9814953, 9814954
Fax : (8880) 2-9814951
E-mail :

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