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Advantages of NEO
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NEO zipper has some special advantages as zipper manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh over its competitors.

Production Advantages :

Branded Quality :
NEO zipper is made with the best of technicians, machineries, raw materials and processes. Individual experience of over 15 years in zipper manufacturing has enabled us to start a factory of branded standard. NEO zipper is a branded quality zipper .

Öeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified :
NEO is Öeko-Tex Standard 100 certified zipper.
Oeko-Tex Certificate states " The certified articles fulfil the requirements of ANNEX XVII of REACH (incl. the use of azo-dyes,nickel etc) as well as the American requirement regarding total content of lead in children's articles (CPSIA; with the exception of accessories made from glass)."

ASTM and BS Standard :
All zippers are manufactured under the strict ASTM and BS quality standards.

NEO follows WALMART/KMART/SEAR/H&M etc etc Quality :
All zippers follow the quality standard of buyers like C&A, H&M, TESCO, KMART, WALMART, TARGET, SEARS, HBC, CARREFOUR, REGATTA etc etc.

NEO can make Non-Magnetic zippers as required by buyer.

International Standard Color Fastness :
NEO complies with international standards of color fastness.

Special Sliders :
All types of Special Slider zipper can be manufactured.

OEM (Private Label)/Rubber Pullers :

OEM(Private Label)/Rubber Puller Slider zippers can be manufactured as per buyer’s requirement.

Slider/Metal Teeth Plating :
Slider and metal zipper teeth plating of Antique/Dark Antique/Antique Silver/Dull Silver or Tin/ or as per buyer’s requirement can be manufactured. All plating is done in house by NEO and assures the quality of plating.

Plastic Zipper Special Teeth :
Silver teeth/Antique teeth/Dark Antique or Pewter teeth/Golden teeth plastic zipper can be manufactured.

Pre-Formed Brass Zipper :
Pre-formed brass zipper of # 4.5 and # 4 especially for jeans wear can be manufactured.

Service Advantages :

Door to Door Service :
NEO zipper gives door to door delivery of zipper to buyers free of cost in Bangladesh. For buyers abroad it is on C&F basis either by sea or air.

Quickest Time Delivery :
Production and delivery can be done within the quickest possible time as per buyer’s requirement.

No C&F Charge :
Buyers do not have to pay any Clearing and Forwarding (C&F) charge to buy NEO zipper as NEO's factory is Out-side the Export Processing Zone of Bangladesh (the zipper factories inside Export Processing Zone and buyer have to involve the Clearing Forwarding agents of both to take delivery of zippers. So there arise a costs of  clearing forwarding cost for both). This is only applicable for Bangladesh.

Small Order Catering :
Any small order are quickly manufactured and delivered.

Additional Order Catering :
Any additional quantity of an order is supplied in shortest possible time.

Color Approval :
Color approval is taken of all orders as per buyer’s requirement in shortest possible time.

After Sales Service :
If buyers face any problem of zipper, our technicians will be there to solve it in Bangladesh. (Though such cases are rare but we stand by our quality and provide after sales service if needed.) If any problem comes abroad, we will replace the zippers or guide you how to the solve problem if any.

Global Corporate Head Quarter
7/A, Squibb Road, Kathaldia, Borodewra Tongi (Near Dhaka) Gazipur- 1711 (Dhaka)
Tel : (880) 2-9814952, 9814953, 9814954
Fax : (8880) 2-9814951
E-mail :

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